How to Start a Business in 5 Weeks: Your Blueprint for Rapid Entrepreneurship

Starting a business could be a daunting prospect but a road that many find themself heading into 2024. We’ve helped hundreds of people start sustainable businesses in only 5 weeks without external funding. Their reasons for going down the entrepreneurial road vary from being retrenched, not being qualified for formal employment, having no employment available and even just needing a side hustle to ensure they can cover their rent at the end of the month.

Whatever your reason, our proven and tested Rapid Entrepreneurship Development Programme can work for you in only 5 weeks. We show people how to start a business without funding and many easy ways to start a business. 

Start a Business Without Funding

Most people starting our programme believe you cannot start a business without funding, which is completely untrue. The sad part is that this belief has many people waiting 4, 5 or even 6 years to start a business and never starting because they believe they need funding. 

We show them what is possible, and they prove to themselves that they can start a business without funding by starting a business in 5 weeks. You do not need external funding to start a business. We teach you to use what you have today coupled with the right entrepreneurship mindset.

We Don’t Teach People to Fish. We Make Fishermen.

We break the mould by offering a solution that bridges the gap between the classroom and the real world. Too many programmes promise to teach entrepreneurship, and they do. Still, almost nobody starts a business after the training because they do not teach the right mindset, mental fitness and practical guidance to take that step. 

We have cracked the entrepreneurship code through our unique approach to entrepreneurship training, and we make entrepreneurship accessible to everyone.

Can You Be An Entrepreneur?

We completely step away from the thinking that only 3% of people in the world can be entrepreneurs. We see entrepreneurship as a learned skill, just like leadership. We achieve this through our groundbreaking books, talks, masterclasses, training sessions and programmes.

Yes! Through our groundbreaking approach, you can be an entrepreneur and start a business in 5 weeks. If you are looking for easy ways to start a business, you are at the right place today.

Easy Ways to Start a Business

Apart from teaching easy ways to start a business, we teach you how to start a business without funding, which is super important in places like Africa where there are not enough funds to provide such luxuries to people. It also makes the entrepreneurial ecosystem simpler and easier to implement almost anywhere. 


 Do You Need a Business Idea?

So many people ask us if they need a business idea to enrol in the programme, and we tell them the same thing: NO. During the programme, you discover enough business ideas. Business ideas that you can start without external funding. Once you go through this programme, you realise that you are swimming in a sea of business opportunities, just another of the easy ways to start a business. 

Any Business Welcome (our secret sauce)

Our programme is independent of business type, industry or sector. Our secret sauce lies in our mindset training. We have mastered the entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to cultivate the right mindset in almost anyone. Our teaching inculcates the right mindset and mental fitness while teaching you how to create your own rhythm of success so that you can start a business in 5 weeks. 

If you are looking for easy ways to start a business, this programme is the answer because we can show you how to flourish in almost any business environment. Just one of the easy ways to start a business. 

We have had food business, transport, makeup, beauty, construction, social media marketing, products and services, and many more successfully go through our programme. We teach all of them how to start a business without funding. 

Start a Business in 5 Weeks: Our Programme Explained

The programme is split into two sections: theory and practical. The theory part is only two days. We understand that nobody has time to sit in class for 5 weeks. Although intense and practical, our programme does not require your full-time commitment. Our 2-day theory training can be done in 2 full days, 4 half days or 3 hours a day for 5 days. We made it very adaptable for almost any situation.

The practical section is hands-on, and you practice being an entrepreneur. You build your business, get customers, and generate money during this time. And the nice thing? It requires a minimal time commitment from you to start a business in 5 weeks. 

We have seen many entrepreneurs on other programmes lose good, profitable businesses because they attended so much training that they had no time to work on their businesses. We don’t want that for you. You are with us because you want to start or grow a business; that is precisely what we do. No other fluffy stuff. Just the real-world experience and guidance you need to succeed. 

What Makes Our Trainers Different?

Why would you climb a mountain with a guide who has not climbed the mountain before? We do not use classroom trainers to deliver our training. We only make use of entrepreneurs who have their own businesses. We prefer using entrepreneurs who have failed before. This way, they know how to help you avoid making the big mistakes they made. Also, they understand where you are and where come from. They understand your fears and challenges because they had to work through them themselves. They know how to start a business without funding and have helped others start a business in 5 weeks. 

Why is this Entrepreneurship Training Programme So Important?

Africa and other developing economies have different challenges regarding developing entrepreneurs. They do not have much time because people are hungry and need to generate an income, and most countries need rapid economic growth. Also, these countries do not have massive amounts of money to spend to develop entrepreneurs. 

The Rapid Entrepreneurship Development Programme is the answer because we have completely disrupted the entrepreneurship development space by achieving the following:

  • Less time to create employment through entrepreneurship: 5 weeks
  • Less cost to create employment
  • Scale: We can create hundreds, even thousands of these businesses every month

Now, we can solve the unemployment crisis in Africa and the world by making entrepreneurship accessible to everyone through our unique approach to starting a business in 5 weeks. Teaching people to start a business without funding also increases the affordability of our programme. 

Great things Await!

Starting a business doesn’t have to be a daunting or drawn-out affair—you can hit the ground running in just five weeks with the right tools and attitude. By embracing this rapid approach towards entrepreneurship, developed within our own African soil, individuals gain income and invaluable independence—shaping their destinies while powering local economies forward.

Are you ready to join this entrepreneurial ascent? Remember, every giant oak began as an acorn—the same goes for businesses, big or small! Take that bold step today; carve out your niche in the marketplace quicker than ever before because empowerment awaits at the summit!

Awards We Won

Our Work: How We Create Impact

Side Hustle Success - Book and Masterclass

A practical book and masterclass designed to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in people through side hustles targeted at schools, universities and communities. Quick, cost effective and impactful while giving sponsors exposure and visibility.

Rapid Entrepreneurship Development Programme

An innovative, practical, 5-week program that transforms individuals into self-sufficient entrepreneurs. Because we focus on mindset shifting, the program is independent of industry, sector or business type. A standalone programme or a compliment to your program.

Keynote Speech: "Innovate Faster by Thinking Like a Township Entrepreneur"

A transformative keynote that equips business teams with the mindset of township entrepreneurs to drive innovation and stay ahead in competitive markets. Targeted at businesses as part of our fundraising efforts. Keynote, workshop and team building event.

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