Why are micro-businesses important?

Written by Willem Gous

Tuesday, Jan 10


Why are micro-businesses so important, especially in emerging markets such as Africa, South America, and other areas of the world?

A chief reason is that they can be made quickly. At The Human Entrepreneur, we can get a micro-business off the ground in five weeks at very low to almost no startup costs. Our programme does not provide any funding, nor is any required for them to succeed. With our method, micro-businesses can be created at scale. That means you can create hundreds of these businesses per month. You can even create thousands through our program, making a measurable impact on local economies.

And the cool thing about this is that if such a business fails, it’s easy to start another one. So, in truth, it’s not really micro-businesses we create; it’s entrepreneurs.

Many people say, “you’re not creating entrepreneurs”. I disagree. People think of bigger businesses as job creation tools, but with a micro business, it does create job creation longer term, but short term, it creates immediate self-employment. In my eyes, that’s an entrepreneur, and that’s the seed that sprouts if the mindset is right.

We found in our programs that when people’s business fails, they start another, and if it fails, they start another. That is an entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why our program works so well. Because it was created in Africa, for Africa, it shifts the mindset. You can teach people how to fish, but how many actually go out and fish once the program is over? We create fishermen. To graduate from our program, you have to create a business. That’s why it’s so successful: it’s practical and based on the mindset. That’s why it’s called The Human Entrepreneur.

Our process creates a sustainable change in the people themselves. This is how we can uplift and change the economic futures of emerging markets now and forever. So if you are in an environment where you need to create thousands of jobs for your country or you need to develop hundreds or even thousands of entrepreneurs rapidly, cost-effectively and sustainably, reach out to us and let’s work together and let’s change the economic future of millions of people in emerging markets now for themselves, for their loved ones and their children’s children.

If you need to develop entrepreneurs fast then reach out to us and discuss your specific needs.

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