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We Create Jobs

We help solve the unemployment crisis by turning ordinary people into business owners in a matter of weeks, creating an income for them while serving the community’s needs.

Create a Business Owner. Create a Job.

Our Biggest Challenges

Too expensive

According to a 2018 World Bank report: It costs on average USD 30,000 to create one blue-collar job, which is not cost-effective or sustainable in Africa or other developing countries. We need to lower the cost of job creation.

Takes too long

Current job creation and incubation programs aim to create jobs in 6 to 12 months, which is too long. When you need to care for yourself and your loved ones, you need results now.

Dollar cost to create a job

Months most programs take

The Solution:

The Rapid Job Creation Program

South Africa’s unemployment is a ticking timebomb and the time and cost required to fix it are just too much. However, the Human Entrepreneur has created 30 jobs in 21 days through its Rapid Job Creation Program. It has reduced the cost to less than R30,000 per job and requires only weeks, rather than months, to implement.

#1. The Rapid Job Creation Program

The Rapid Job Creation Program reduces the cost of job creation below $2,500 and is only 5 weeks long. Equivalent to 10 – 20% of the per-person cost of a 12-month entrepreneurship program.

The Rapid Job Creation Program consists of two parts, the Entrepreneurial Awakening Course and the Business Creator Pre-Incubator.

#2. Our Results

In fact, in November 2020, we took 50 people from a previously disadvantaged background in South Africa. They had to build businesses in 21 days, making enough profit to replace their $350 (R5000) salary per month.

We created 30 jobs/businesses in 21 days. None of the businesses created required external funding.

#3. Sustainability

We left the group from November 2020 alone for 3 months, provided no support, coaching or mentoring, then we spoke to 26 of the 30 businesses:

  • All businesses are still trading
  • An extra 8 businesses were created
  • 2 Businesses were tested at low risk or no risk but were not started
  • Other businesses added extra product or service lines

Start a Business Today: She did

She started a business in a week, and she almost made double her monthly salary in profits. She needed NO external funding. If she can do it, you can do it.

Create a Business Owner.

Create a Job.

Let’s Build Something Together

Our mission is to create 10,000 jobs using the Rapid Job Creation Program. We are looking for partners who share in such a vision. If that is you then contact us today at

Our Vision

To create an environment where we foster, accelerate, and celebrate entrepreneurial potential manifesting itself in great businesses that benefit the founders, help customers, uplift communities and grow economies.

Our Mission

To grow, develop and accelerate human potential by using business as a platform for development and self-exploration.

About the Founder: Willem Gous

Willem Gous, an entrepreneur since 1999, is an international speaker, trainer and consultant on leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. He is involved in three businesses.

He does leadership development through InsideRisk, where he helps companies such as Nestle, Airbus etc., lead in high risk, high stakes and high uncertainty situations.

Venture Designers is a business that helps businesses find and develop new opportunities and reduce their cost of failure to develop new products and services.

The Human Entrepreneur is a job creation platform. A human-centric approach to the sustainable development of entrepreneurs. “Build successful entrepreneurs, and great businesses will follow that can change the world.”

He is a single father to an amazing 11-year-old son. He loves reading, and for fun, he is a firewalking instructor.

Testimonials from Actual Candidates

“I started my business last year in June. When I started this business I thought I would get 10 customers at the same time but I only got a few customers. I started to lose hope in my business. Since I started the human entrepreneur pre-incubator program I realised that I have to work hard and I don’t need funding for my business. All I have to do is work hard look for customers because customers can’t look for me if I don’t work hard.

Now I’m happy because my business is running smoothly and I have more than 100 paying customers. I would like to thank the human entrepreneur pre-incubator program for pushing me, I really appreciate that.”


“I started my intrapreneurial training two weeks ago and learned how to make money and be able to start a business. It was an easy thing to do, but I never thought I could open a business and operated in one day. The human entrepreneur pre-incubator program made this possible.

In just two weeks I have 16 paying customers which I charge R90 per customer once a month. I am happy that I am making money.

What is interesting is that I was able to register my business and I got the knowledge of that there is no need for a business plan and funding. If you want to start your business start now.

I’m very grateful for the great opportunity that I got.”


“I am grateful for the human entrepreneur pre-incubator program. I always wanted to start a business but I always wanted to ask for funding. This program taught me that I don’t need funding to start the business.

I’ve learned that to get customers I need to speak to customers. I don’t need to rely on social media only. During this pre-incubator program, I learned from my colleagues and classmates that it doesn’t matter the business idea but that you can make it.

I started my cleaning business two weeks ago and I’ve made money and I have 10 paying customers. I am very grateful to the human entrepreneur pre-incubator program because I now have registered and working business.”


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