Rapid Entrepreneurship Development
that Cost-Effectively and Sustainably
Creates New Businesses at Scale.

Made in Africa for Africa and Proven in Africa

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We help governments create employment in record time through rapid entrepreneurship development. Uplifting communities and growing local economies while saving you time and money. We reduced job creation time through entrepreneurship to 5 weeks, with massive cost savings, and we can do it at scale, creating 100’s and even 1,000’s of new businesses per month.

Corporate CSI/CSR

We help corporates deliver better results with their CSI/CSR investments. If entrepreneurship forms part of your focus, then we are the company to talk to. We can align our work with your goals to maximise impact and return while reducing cost and time. Discuss your needs with us.

Social Impact Companies

If entrepreneurship forms part of your social impact strategy, we can help you achieve it quicker, cost-effectively and sustainably through our unique rapid entrepreneurial development programme. Our programme is adaptable and customisable to your needs and goals.

BBBEE ESD/ED Programmes

If you need to create new businesses (entrepreneurs) as part of you ED (enteprise development) or grow and accelerate existing businesses as part of you ESD (enteprise supplier development) goals then talk to us. We can save you time and money. Even if you have an existing programme, our programme can form part of it. Our programme is adaptable and customisable.


We help NPOs and NGOs take their beneficiaries further. We empower your beneficiaries to become financially self-sustainable through their own business. When current beneficiaries become self-sustaining, they move on, creating space to help new people—widening your impact and enabling you to help more people.

We work with you to create the best impact and ensure our efforts are aligned.

Individuals | Career 2 Entrepreneur

Around the world, it is known as the great resignation. More and more white collar workers are considering shifting from career to entrepreneur, and it is scary if you do not have experience or guidance. Many people fear risking their financial nest egg. We help people shift from career to entrepreneur without risking everything. Reducing risk and worry and increasing success.

Great News – We Are Finalists

2022 Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Awards

The awards recognise excellence in Africa’s startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem and celebrate unsung heroes in ecosystem building who are individuals, communities, institutions, and organisations that have demonstrated innovation, excellence, outstanding achievement, and impact in advancing African entrepreneurship.

👉 Finalist Incubator of the Year – The Human Entrepreneur

👉 Finalist Startup Mentor of the Year – Willem Gous – Founder of The Human Entrepreneur

1 Day Business Growth Workshop

Grow your business, chase your dreams

Attend the Entrepreneurial Awakening Course and make sure you build the right business to deliver the money you need, even during 2023.

👉 Career 2 Entrepreneur – If you are planning of shifting form career to entrepreneur then this workshop is the perfect starting block. Make sure you build the right business, right from the start. Reduce risk and cost.

👉 Existing Business Owner – Many existing business owners hit a slump and struggle to grow the business again. This workshop will help you grow your business again while delivering on what you want from it.

About Us

The Human Entrepreneur is a registered non-profit organisation in South Africa with a global vision of solving the unemployment crisis by helping people become self-employed through entrepreneurship training and building a business to become financially sustainable in weeks.