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A Christmas Gift to Africa|

Give Someone a Job Through Entrepreneurship Training

South Africa has the world’s highest unemployment rate of 33%. The Human Entreprepreneur developed a unique human-centric approach to business incubation targeted at necessity-driven entities that empower people to start a business without external funding. In just 5 weeks, that new business makes enough money to financially sustain them. Using our proven process, help diffuse this ticking time bomb by gifting a job to someone this Christmas.

We will create one entrepreneur with a business from your sponsorship gift. You can get involved as an individual, business owner, or organisation by attending this webinar. 

Topics we will cover:

  1. How we create jobs through entrepreneurship cost-effectively in 5 weeks.
  2. Our process made Africa for Africa.
  3. How you can get involved.

Date and time: Wednesday, 30 November 2022, 19:00 SAST (9 am PDT)

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About Our Founder & Managing Director and Startup Mentor of the Year Finalist| Willem Gous

Willem is a leader in Entrepreneurship Development in some of the toughest conditions. He is a startup mentor on many programmes. Over his 22-year entrepreneurship journey, he developed his unique human-centred perspective and approach to leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. Consistently pushing boundaries and learning through failures and successes, he solidified his thinking around the entrepreneurial way and the successful application in a wide range of real-world situations.

He is a dedicated single father to an amazing 12-year-old son, and they live in Johannesburg, South Africa. An avid reader and personal development enthusiast. For fun and giggles, he is a firewalking instructor.

Willem holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Liverpool, U.K., and his dissertation focused on applying various innovation methodologies within existing businesses. A regular conference speaker and facilitator, he also serves on the advisory board of the professional interest network of the University of Liverpool Management School.

He is one of only a small number of people in the world who can moderate the highly sought-after Inside Risk, high-stakes leadership in action programme – www.InsideRisk.com

He has facilitated many breakthrough motivational events with large crowds of people.

Besides mentoring his programmes in The Human Entrepreneur, he is also a startup mentor and coach on other programmes such as IBM Startup Programme, JP Morgan and the Arts and Culture Trust.

His work with the Arts and Culture Trust stands out as he works with artists to get them to think like business people and turn their art into a profitable business in 12 weeks.

Willem Gous is a leader in Entrepreneurship Development

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Sponsor 1 Job @R26,000 ($1,500)

Your sponsorship will create 1 entrepreneur with a business that makes enough money to sustain themselves financially. We create self-employment through new venture creation. Our programme is 5 weeks long.

Want to talk to us first?

Please contact us if you want to engage with us and talk to us before making a donation. We are here to answer any questions or even suggestions you might have before committing a gift.

Sponsorship – Own Amount

Your sponsorship will help create entrepreneurs with businesses that make enough money to sustain themselves financially. We create self-employment through new venture creation. Our programme is 5 weeks long. Once we have received enough donations to create 10 jobs, we will run the programme. Minimum R1,000 ($60)

“Our programmes work because they were made in Africa for Africa and proven in Africa”

– Willem Gous | Founder of The Human Entrepreneur