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Innovate Faster by Thinking Like a Township Entrepreneur

A Unique African Perspective Giving You The Innovation Edge

Township Definition: (in South Africa) a suburb or city of predominantly black occupation, formerly officially designated for black occupation by apartheid legislation.

A transformative keynote or workshop with an optional team-building event. It equips business teams with the mindset of township entrepreneurs to drive innovation and stay ahead in competitive markets.

It targets businesses as part of our fundraising efforts.

Unlock Entrepreneurship Thinking In Your Business and Drive Results

The keynote, “Innovate Faster by Thinking Like a Township Entrepreneur”, is rooted in real-world experience working with hundreds of township entrepreneurs in South Africa. This keynote isn’t just theoretical. It’s a tried and tested model that has transformed thinking and driven results in the most challenging environments, South African townships.

Drawing upon our extensive work, we developed the Entrepreneurship Mindset Mastery Model. This model guides average people working in any situation to master the innovative thinking skills of entrepreneurs so that they can drive results throughout your business.

“This was the 3rd time in a row we used him as a speaker; without hesitation, it will not be the last. I cannot applaud or recommend him enough as a public speaker and subject matter expert on business and entrepreneurial thinking.”

Craig Blignaut

Founder, Business of Business South Africa Group


  • Based on real-world experiences with township entrepreneurs.
  • Introduces the Entrepreneurship Mindset Mastery Model.
  • It is tailored for varying durations: 45, 60, or 90 minutes.
  • In the optional 2- or 4-hour team-building experience, participants actively apply the concepts learned from the keynote.


  • Enhances creativity and problem-solving with an entrepreneurial perspective.
  • Instills agility for adapting to fast-paced market changes.
  • Cultivates a competitive edge through a culture of innovation.
  • Boosts employee engagement, productivity, and long-term profitability.


By embracing Mindset Mastery Model, you will experience:

    • Enhanced Creativity and Problem-Solving: Employees approach challenges with a fresh, entrepreneurial perspective.
    • Agility in a Fast-Paced Market: Teams learn to adapt to market changes and emerging trends.
    • Competitive Edge: Foster a culture of innovation and redefine your industry.
    • Increased Employee Engagement and Productivity: An entrepreneurial mindset makes work more engaging and fulfilling.
    • Sustainable Growth and Profitability: Long-term success is fueled by continuous innovation, driven by a workforce that’s always thinking ahead.

Format & Details

Duration: 45, 60 or 90 minutes

Format: Keynote, workshop, team build

Key concepts:

Mindset, grit, agility and adaptability, co-creation, resourcefulness, action taking, overcoming fears.


  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • General staff – Make innovation and resourcefulness part of their daily activities.
  • Sales teams – Help them unlock new opportunities faster.
  • Management teams – Help them innovate faster and drive results.
  • Any business environment where increased innovative thinking will lead to better results.

Entrepreneurship Development Speaker

Winner | Startup Mentor of the Year 2023
Winner | Entrepreneurship Education Programme 2023 – The Human Entrepreneur – Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Awards
✅ Thinkers 360 – Top 50 Global Thought Leaders on Lean Startup 2022 & 2023

Hello! I’m Willem Gous, a dedicated leader in Entrepreneurship Development who has navigated some of the most challenging environments over my 23-year journey in entrepreneurship. I’m honoured to be the recipient of the 2023 Startup Mentor of the Year award and the Entrepreneurship Education Programme award for The Human Entrepreneur. I have been recognised by Thinkers 360 as a Top 50 Global Thought Leader and Influencer on Lean Startup for two consecutive years.

My approach to leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship is deeply human-centered.

I’ve demonstrated my expertise in entrepreneurship development by disrupting traditional methods. My unique approach, designed and proven in Africa, empowers unemployed individuals in South African townships. I guide them to start businesses without external funding in just 5 weeks, ensuring these ventures are profitable enough to sustain themselves financially. This method significantly reduces the time and cost to create a job compared to traditional programmes, effectively cracking the nut of mass entrepreneurship development. My process can deliver new entrepreneurs at scale, creating hundreds, even thousands, of new businesses monthly. I am proud to offer a revolutionary solution for job creation, poverty reduction, and economic growth.

I call Johannesburg home and take pride in being a single father to my 13-year-old son. I’m an avid reader and enthusiastic about personal development. For a bit of fun, I’m also a qualified firewalking instructor.

My academic background includes a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Liverpool, U.K., where my dissertation delved into applying various innovation methodologies within established businesses. As a regular speaker and facilitator at conferences, I also contribute to the advisory board of the University of Liverpool Management School’s professional interest network.

If you’re looking for someone to guide, inspire, and collaborate with your team or audience, I bring a blend of expertise, experience, and enthusiasm that’s hard to match. Let’s connect and create something impactful together!

“Willem is a direct and passionate speaker who quickly connects with the audience while helping them see new perspectives and realise their potential. If you are an event organiser looking for someone to shift people while adding unique energy to your event, then Willem is the guy to call.”

Mano Appasamy

Business Manager Sanlam, Sanlam

Making Entrepreneurship Relevant To All

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Keynote Speech: "Innovate Faster by Thinking Like a Township Entrepreneur"

A transformative keynote that equips business teams with the mindset of township entrepreneurs to drive innovation and stay ahead in competitive markets. Targeted at businesses as part of our fundraising efforts. Keynote, workshop and team building event.

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