How quickly can you start a business?

Written by Willem Gous

Tuesday, May 11


Starting a business is not complex, and I have proven that many times over. You can start a business today and make money today! I believe business ownership is the key to rapid Job Creation. 

In fact, in November 2020, we took 50 people from previously disadvantaged communities, and they had to start a business in 21 days generating enough profits to replace their monthly salary.

We created 35 jobs/businesses in 21 days, and I believe you can do the same. Ok, I will concede, if you earn a massive salary, it may take a while longer, but the same principles still apply. But check out the Rapid Job Creation Program if you do not believe me or find it interesting. 

I have been an entrepreneur for more than 21 years, and what I am sharing with you is what I have used successfully many times over.

Here are the steps to start a business

#1. Your success pivots on one thing! SALES!

It doesn’t matter what business you start. Even if it is a tech company selling online sales tools, you will have to go out and sell someone. In my 21 years of being an entrepreneur, the worst times were when I did not sell enough and instead focused on others things that created the illusion of being busy and making progress. 

I have mentored and coached countless businesses, and they usually moan that they have no business, but 1 in 100 of them are prepared to go out and sell. 

Selling means talking to people. I remember working with a startup. I started with them 6 months into a 12-month program. They were waiting for funding, yet, they have never spoken to an actual customer. 

After starting to talk to customers, they realised that their idea would never work. They validated an idea in 2 weeks, but they wasted 6 months.

On the flip side, another entrepreneur started, and on his first day, he signed up 14 customers, and they all paid 50% upfront. You can do the same. 

#2. Don’t I have to find a problem and validate a market?

Validating a market and looking for product fit will take too long if you are short on time and income and have limited cash resources. Instead, start by selling something that already addresses a problem for a validated market.

Sell a product or service that already exists. Simple as that? I present one of the most premium leadership programs in the world, InsideRisk. If you have contacts with C-level execs, then you can sell my program and earn money that way. Simple, you just started a business. 

Some might argue this is not a business. If you have a registered company, business cards, a bank account and NO customers making NO money, then you do not have a business. 

If, however, you sell something, make money, and you can do this again and again, then you have a business.

Make a list of products or services you can sell? Do people in your LinkedIn network have access to things you can sell for them?

#3. What if you want to develop a product and it will take months?

I agree that product development can take a while and be very expensive and be a major risk for you if you need to start fast, but I have a great suggestion. 

Whatever product you are thinking of developing, I bet you there are competitors in the market. If there are not, then I doubt there is a market or an opportunity. 

Start selling your competitors products and for some good reasons. 

  1. You earn an income
  2. You are building a customer base to whom you can sell your product too at a later stage.
  3. You are learning what customers want
  4. You are learning how your competitor’s product is not addressing customer needs, doing your product development for you.


This is the easiest way to start a business, and I have started many businesses like this. Do not get bogged down with details and all the hot air around following “the right process”. The best process is to start and to start selling today and making money today. Things will unfold as you progress.

I believe that business ownership is the key to rapid job creation. The Rapid Job Creation Program does just that, and my goal is to create 10,000 using this program. 

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