Economically Uplifting The Bottom Of The Pyramid Through Disruptive Entrepreneurship

– The Rapid Job Creation Programme | An Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship

Made in Africa, for Africa, Proven in Africa.

Solving the Unemployment Crisis, Quickly, Cost-Effectively and Sustainably

A disruptive and human-centric approach to entrepreneurship and business acceleration we designed around the needs of necessity-driven entities, enabling people to become micro-business owners in five weeks or less and financially sustain themselves

Serving those who need it most

What We Achieved

What makes our programme relevant is that is reduces the time to develop entrepreneurs into profitable business owners from a typical 12 months to less than 5 weeks and we do it at 10% of the cost of a typical 12 month programme.

The Big Challenges with Job Creation through Entrepreneurship

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor shows a history of poor success with South Africa continuing to have one of the highest business start-up failure rates in the world. Even post incubation, in excess of 70% of small businesses are reported to fail, according to SEDA (2019).

The Human Entrepreneur is showing a small business failure rate of only 47%.

#1. Traditional Incubation Can be Expensive

Typical business incubation programmes can run into the tens of thousands of dollars per person, making it unaffordable to create jobs in volume, especially in developing economies.

We need a solution that takes weeks and not months.

What we do differently: We have reduced the cost of new venture creation to just over $1,000 per venture depending on various factors. Making job creation through entrepreneurship and business ownership affordable where it is needed most, in developing economies.

#2. Takes long, people are hungry now

When you need to care for yourself and your loved ones, you need results now. Current job creation and incubation programs aim to create jobs in 6 to 12 months, which is too long.

People are hungry now.

What we do differently: Our complete programme is 5 weeks and can be sector or industry-specific. De-risk incubation programmes by providing vetted candidates. Compliment skills development programmes by helping their beneficiaries turn their new skills into businesses.

#3. Long term solution to a short term problem

The world needs a rapid, short term solution but the market mostly offers long-term programmes. If we do not address the unemployment crisis around the world we will face unrest and many other negative factors as a result.

What we do differently: Because our programme only takes 5 weeks we have a short term solution to the massive unemployment crisis the world faces.

Why this works

The Programme uses the education through enterprise approach, transferring learning from the classroom into practice.

This makes it possible to complete the learning cycle by moving from classroom discussions to testing concepts in new situations. Thereby gaining concrete experience and shifting the emphasis from passive to active learning.

Some Testimonials from Candidates

4 Weeks Ago Only Had a Business Idea, Now 4 Times Her Monthly Salary

Mpho is one of the latest beneficiaries to go through the Rapid Job Creation. In 4 weeks, she went from idea to financially sustainable. Her business gives her a job, a better future and the ability to look after herself, her loved ones and her family.

Had a Struggling Business Now Makes Consistent Profits and Growing

The programme even works with existing businesses. When Florentinah came into the programme, her business was struggling, barely getting by. Now she makes healthy profits weekly and employs 3 other women. All in just 4 weeks.

Where fit into your programme | We work with you

Let’s Build Something Together

Our mission is to create 10,000 jobs using the Rapid Job Creation Programme. We are looking for partners who share in such a vision. If that is you then contact us today at

Our Vision

Living the Entrepreneurial Way: When we develop the capacity to create value, just like entrepreneurs, anything becomes possible.

Our Mission

To make entrepreneurship accessible, relatable and applicable to everyone.

About the Business

It was founded by Willem Gous, who has been an entrepreneur for more than 22 years.

The Human Entrepreneur is passionate about the Entrepreneurial Way: When we develop the capacity to create value, everything becomes possible.

We achieve this through our unique and disruptive approach to entrepreneurship – a reinvented apprenticeship model.

Get Involved Today

We are turning towards established entrepreneurs, businesses like you, to pay it forward and sponsor at least 1 job at R22,000 ($1,500)

1 job = 1 new business that generates profits to sustain the founder.

What do you get in return for helping?

  • Tax incentives: We have 18A tax exemption and you can get a tax deduction on the full amount of your donation, thus saving you 28% on each Rand you sponsor.
  • BEE points (companies above R10mil revenue): You could earn points in the following categories: procurement, enterprise development, and supplier development.
  • Share in the experience: You will receive regular updates and photos as the training progresses, which you can share with your customers and the world.
  • Share in the joy: Attend the candidate’s graduation ceremony and share the joy of helping someone become self-sustaining.

Each time we have 30 sponsors, we run a 5-week programme. This involves taking 100 people and running the Entrepreneurial Awakening training over 1.5 days. After that, we take 40 people and begin our 4-week Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship, where we aim to create a minimum of 30 businesses.

Sponsorship Options:

1 job @ R22,000 ($1,500 USD)
2 jobs @ R44,000 ($3,000 USD)
3 jobs @ R66,000 ($4,500 USD)

It is your choice, you can sponsor one candidate or as many as you want; it costs R22,000 per person. To start the process or get more information email us at

More Testimonials from Candidates

Needed Funding So He Started Another Business to Fund Himself Later

Lost His Partner and Started Again With Success

Didn’t Have Money to Start Her Business Idea, Started Another Instead

Did Not Have Equipment to Start Her Business – Yet, She Started

4 Weeks Ago | Had No Business, Started, Everything Went Wrong, He Adapted, Now makes Profits

1 Week: Got New Customers and Increased Her Price

“I started my business last year in June. When I started this business I thought I would get 10 customers at the same time but I only got a few customers. I started to lose hope in my business. Since I started the human entrepreneur pre-incubator program I realised that I have to work hard and I don’t need funding for my business. All I have to do is work hard look for customers because customers can’t look for me if I don’t work hard.

Now I’m happy because my business is running smoothly and I have more than 100 paying customers. I would like to thank the human entrepreneur pre-incubator program for pushing me, I really appreciate that.”


“I started my intrapreneurial training two weeks ago and learned how to make money and be able to start a business. It was an easy thing to do, but I never thought I could open a business and operated in one day. The human entrepreneur pre-incubator program made this possible.

In just two weeks I have 16 paying customers which I charge R90 per customer once a month. I am happy that I am making money.

What is interesting is that I was able to register my business and I got the knowledge of that there is no need for a business plan and funding. If you want to start your business start now.

I’m very grateful for the great opportunity that I got.”


“I am grateful for the human entrepreneur pre-incubator program. I always wanted to start a business but I always wanted to ask for funding. This program taught me that I don’t need funding to start the business.

I’ve learned that to get customers I need to speak to customers. I don’t need to rely on social media only. During this pre-incubator program, I learned from my colleagues and classmates that it doesn’t matter the business idea but that you can make it.

I started my cleaning business two weeks ago and I’ve made money and I have 10 paying customers. I am very grateful to the human entrepreneur pre-incubator program because I now have registered and working business.”


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