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The Rapid Job Creation Programme

We solve the unemployment crisis quickly, effectively and sustainably by making entrepreneurship accessible to those who need it most.

The Programme in a nusthell

Made in Africa, for Africa, and proven in Africa. We designed a disruptive and human-centric approach to entrepreneurship and business acceleration around the needs of necessity-driven entities, enabling people to become micro-business owners in 5 weeks or less and financially sustain themselves.

There are Big Challenges with Job Creation through Entrepreneurship

We address the main challenges in entrepreneurial development, making our programme fast, focused and finite.

Takes a Long Time and People are Hungry Now

When you need to care for yourself and your loved ones, you need results now. Many incubation programs aim to create jobs in 6 to 12 months, which is too long.

People are hungry now. The long startup processes used in developed countries do not apply in the African context where people are hungry now, they need a quick solution.

Too Expensive for Developing Economies

Opportunity based programmes can take a long time and require a lot of money to run.

Because candidates do not make money quickly they need stipends to survive while many businesses require funding combined with a long programme all leading to skyrocketing programme costs and risks.

How we solve these challenges

We address the main challenges in entrepreneurial development, making our programme fast, focused and finite.

We are Quick

Get people out of poverty faster, give them agency. We help people build businesses in 5 weeks that make enough money to financially sustain themselves. Now people can care for themselves and their families, giving them the room to breathe and build the business further. Our programme can be sector or industry-specific.

We are cost-effective

Time is money. Apart from only being 5 weeks long, the businesses we create require little or no funding at all. It also requires fewer resources over a long period of time. All of these factors reduce overall programme costs.

what makes us different?

Made in Africa for Africa and Proven in Africa

We make entrepreneurial thinking and action taking accessible to all through a unique and disruptive human-centric approach to entrepreneurship, innovation and value creation born from apprenticeship philosophy.

The entrepreneurial way applies to relationships, leadership, business development, sales, job creation, environmental challenges etc.

What and How We Do It

The Human Entrepreneur created a disruptive and innovative approach to entrepreneurial development: an apprenticeship in entrepreneurship. This program does in 5 weeks what others try to do in 12 months.

We help ordinary unemployed people build a business that can generate a profit in 5 weeks — creating opportunities for people to create opportunities for others.


For every job sponsored we aim to create one entrepreneur with a business making enough money to sustain themselves financially.

See how

The Programme Flows

You have to crawl before you can walk before you can run.

We focus on micro-enterprises instead of SME development for a few good reasons. It takes a long time for a business to grow to a scale where it can employ 10 or more people.

Micro-businesses according to the South African government employes less than 10 people and has an annual turnover of less than R5mil ($300k).

We develop new micro-businesses in 5 weeks or less instead of a typical 12-month programme.

Because we create businesses so quickly we uplift people out of poverty in weeks while families actively participate in the local economy.

We see owning a business giving people agency over their future and income thus positively impacting social ills such as GBV etc.

Where can you use this programme?

We do custom programmes as well

General Job Creation

Enabling people to become micro-business owners in 5 weeks or less and financially sustain themselves.

Turn Skills Development into Businesses

If you are doing skills development, let us help your people turn that skill into a business and financially sustain themselves.

Reduce Recidivism

When someone is released from prison, the find it difficult to find meanginful employment, many turn to crime to make a living and end up in prison again.

We aim to keep people out of prison by helping them build a business in a matter of weeks and financially sustain themselves.

School and University Leavers

Many school leavers cannot afford a university education, let us help them become entrepreneurs.

University leavers have knowledge, but there is little employment, let us help them turn that knowledge into a business.


Teach children from a young age how to build a business and generate an income. Building future entrepreneurs.

Feeding Other Incubation Programmes

Our programme reduces cost, risk and time for other entrepreneurship development programmes by providing a steady stream of experienced entrepreneurs.

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