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Willem is a Disruptor in Rapid Entrepreneurial Development in Africa. Enabling people to start a micro-business, without funding, in five weeks and financially sustain themselves.

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Why should you get Willem Gous as Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference Speaker

Through his company, The Human Entrepreneur, he creates self-employment through entrepreneurship. Enabling people to start a micro-business, without funding, in five weeks and financially sustain themselves. Rapidly uplifting people out of poverty while growing local economies.

Disrupting Entrepreneurship Development

Through his work he has been able to disrupt the entrepreneurial development space as follows.

In November 2020, during the lockdown, he took 57 young people from Diepsloot and Orange Farm (Previously disadvantaged areas) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Without external funding, they had to build a business in 21 days, generating enough profits to sustain themselves financially. A total of 30 businesses were created in 21 days, and 73% were women-owned. No mentorship, coaching or support was provided after the initial 21 days.

Six months later, 16 of the 30 businesses (53%) are still trading and profitable and providing jobs for 25 people. In fact, an additional 14 businesses were created to fill income gaps due to seasonal business fluctuations or COVID regulations or, in some cases, replace businesses that failed.

He continues his work and aims to create 10,000 jobs by creating 10,000 micro-businesses.

Key Disruption Metrics


Reduced the time of job creation through entrepreneurship to 5 weeks

Reduced the cost of job creation through entrepreneurship to less than $2,000

Scale | 1,000's of these micro-businesses can be created every month.

Do Good While Getting Value

For every keynote booked, we will use a part of the proceeds to create 1 job in Africa. We will create 1 entrepreneur with a profitable business that can sustain themselves. Help support a family in Africa today.

Recognition for his work

2022 Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Awards

The awards recognise excellence in Africa’s startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem and celebrate unsung heroes in ecosystem building who are individuals, communities, institutions, and organisations that have demonstrated innovation, excellence, outstanding achievement, and impact in advancing African entrepreneurship.

👉 Finalist Incubator of the Year – The Human Entrepreneur

👉 Finalist Startup Mentor of the Year – Willem Gous – Founder of The Human Entrepreneur

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Do Good While Getting Value

For every keynote booked, we will use a part of the proceeds to create 1 job in Africa. We will create 1 entrepreneur with a profitable business that can sustain themselves. Help support a family in Africa today.

Client Testimonials

“Thank you for speaking at the 10th Annual Joburg Secretaries Day Conference on 6 – 7 September 2017.

I was really impressed that you met with a few of the delegates before the conference and that you sat in for the entire 2-day conference so that you could customise your presentation and make it as relevant as possible to our audience. You went the extra mile for us and helped add value to our clients, which I really appreciate.

We were hoping that as the final speaker, your presentation would end the conference with a bang, which it absolutely did. You brought so much energy to the last session, the music was great, and your message was powerful. From the delegate feedback we received, you were rated one of the top speakers over the 2 days. I would not hesitate to recommend you as a conference speaker and would definitely consider using you as a speaker again at our own events. Thank you for your positive attitude and professionalism, which made working with you a pleasure.”

Catarina Allison

Director, KumaloGreen

“Willem Gous is pure genius and delivered his best yet, key address at our annual ‘Business of Business’ conference. He never disappoints, and although the topic "Finding Your Rhythm of Success - How to achieve results faster than ever and anyone can do it" had some of our delegates expecting one of those traditional business coach-type presentations, Willem simply blew everyone away! He brought an energy into the conference that had everyone asking for more!

His expertise was instrumental in evoking thought-provoking business analytical points and yet using everyday examples, which brought many smiles and chuckles from the audience as they connected with his humour.

This was the 3rd time in a row we used him as a speaker; without hesitation, it will not be the last. I cannot applaud or recommend him enough as a public speaker and subject matter expert on business and entrepreneurial thinking.”

Craig Blignaut

Founder, Business of Business South Africa Group and Authorized principal of 2one2 Financial Services!

"Great energy, audience participation, and, most of all, outstanding value to the audience. Financial Advisers must work hard in a tough market to make it, and I got Willem to deliver a keynote that I hoped would help my Advisers get ideas and motivate them to grow their businesses more quickly. Willem delivered. The feedback I got from my people was spectacular. That goes for the new Advisers and those who have been in this game for more than 20 years. His advice is practical, and my people could go and implement it in their businesses right away; that is where the real impact lies down the line.

Willem is a direct and passionate speaker who quickly connects with the audience while helping them see new perspectives and realise their potential.

If you are an event organiser looking for someone to shift people while adding unique energy to your event, then Willem is the guy to call."

Mano Appasamy

Business Manager: South- East Gauteng, Sanlam

“An excellent speaker, flawless in his delivery with a lot of take home value. If you need a crucial message delivered with clarity and passion, a speaker who can both motivate, inspire and leave your audience thinking long after the event is over, Willem is the person you should consider.”

Farzanah Cassim

Corporate and Investment Banking

“Willem’s fast paced webinar on starting a business making use of what one has now was both insightful and inspiring. If you are given the opportunity, I would recommend taking the time to participate in the webinar, whether you are starting out in business, looking to take a different direction in life or wish to expand or improve your existing trade. Willem’s concepts are skilfully explained and therefore I found them easy to grasp and apply to my own situation immediately. Taking a step back and reflecting on ourselves, our assets and our potential is of great benefit both in business and in life. Willem can make you do all that in an hour!”

Gerard Samson-Dekker MPharm

United Kingdom

"Willem is passionate about the topics that he speaks on; his perspective certainly helps his audience to change their perceptions of what they know and allows them to see it in a new light. Willem’s energy and ability to connect with his audience are second to none.

His ability to dish out practical advice and strategies that can be implemented immediately is something to behold. I HIGHLY recommend Willem for any event that you have, as his energy and enthusiasm will elevate your teams to another level."

Malcolm Moodley

Director, iT WORKz

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference Speaker | Willem Gous

Willem is a leader in Entrepreneurship Development in some of the toughest conditions. He has been a professional motivational conference speaker for almost 10 years.

Over his 22-year entrepreneurship journey, he developed his unique human-centred perspective and approach to leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. Consistently pushing boundaries and learning through failures and successes, he solidified his thinking around the entrepreneurial way and the successful application in a wide range of real-world situations.

He is a dedicated single father to an amazing 12-year-old son, and they live in Johannesburg, South Africa. An avid reader and personal development enthusiast. For fun and giggles, he is a firewalking instructor.

Willem holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Liverpool, U.K., and his dissertation focused on applying various innovation methodologies within existing businesses. A regular conference speaker and facilitator, he also serves on the advisory board of the professional interest network of the University of Liverpool Management School.

He is one of only a small number of people in the world who can moderate the highly sought-after Inside Risk, high-stakes leadership in action programme –

He has facilitated many breakthrough motivational events with large crowds of people.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Languages: Afrikaans and English.

Willing to travel.

Willem Gous is a leader in Entrepreneurship Development

Do Good While Getting Value

For every keynote booked, we will use a part of the proceeds to create 1 job in Africa. We will create 1 entrepreneur with a profitable business that can sustain themselves. Help support a family in Africa today.


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