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Entrepreneur Success Program – The Human Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Success Program

“We aim to keep entrepreneurs in the game.”

Entrepreneur Success Program


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_color=”%23000000″]Our Program aligns entrepreneur, business, customers and suppliers down to a business model and strategy level. It works in any business, of any size in any industry.[/text_block]

  • Step 1: Entrepreneur First

    First, discover the entrepreneur’s needs and what impact they want to achieve using their business.

    They learn to understand their business model, where they fit in and how the business model needs to change for the business to deliver on their needs.

    The benefits are a focused strategy, a realistic financial model and clear direction for business and business owner.

  • Step 2: Entrepreneur + Business + Customer = Work as One

    Align the needs of the entrepreneur, business and customer to reflect on the business model and operational strategy.

    We combine the needs of the customer, business owner and other stakeholders within one business model.

    Now you have a visual representation of how the business structures should like and the underlying strategies that need to follow for this to work.

  • Step 3: Innovation & Business Opportunity Acceleration

    Lastly, innovation through co-creation using the indivineur method. It creates a co-creational relationship between entrepreneur, business, customers, suppliers and the communities they serve.

    Six (2 x 4) Lego blocks have 915 million different combinations. How many opportunities do you have when you bring all your resources into play? Get ready for opportunity acceleration.

    Indivineurship is an innovation methodology developed by Willem Gous.


ALL businesses are started by entrepreneurs. Why not develop entrepreneurial talent first?


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“You are a customer too, let your business serve you.”

– Willem Gous

Workshops & Training

Life Design for Business Owners

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]What the business books, trainers, and courses fail to tell you is that entrepreneurship CANNOT grow and develop your entrepreneurial potential, because it is designed to address ONLY the needs of the customer.

Life Design turns your business into a building block in your life, letting your business serve your needs as much as the customers. Making sure you remain in the game, that you build a business to the benefit of your, your customers and the communities you serve.

During this half-day workshop you will:[/text_block]

  • Know what your business should give you.
  • How your business will deliver to you and the customer.
  • Align your, the customers and businesses needs down to a business model and strategy level.
  • Expand your vision and see how you will execute on it.
  • Reduce risk and your cost of failure.
  • Add certainty to your success with a clear daily, weekly and monthly action plan.

Strategy and Business Model Innovation

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Create a strategy that will beat your competitors and break open new markets. Find customers with money, tie it all into one strategy and take your business to the next level.

During this one day workshop you will:[/text_block]

  • Future-proof your business
  • Learn to use strategy and business models to create a successful business.
  • Have no less than 3 new business models you can go and apply in your business, now.
  • Find customers with money, quickly and easily.
  • Discover why your customers buy from you so you can sell more to them.
  • Learn how to apply the MOST SUCCESSFUL companies business models to your business, quickly and easily.

Innovation and Business Opportunity Acceleration using Co-Creation

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Most people try to grow a business in the wrong way, they look to themselves for the solution, and they try to be more competitive. It can work, but it will be hard and most have failed at it.

Using the indivineur method, you learn how to harness the power of co-creation to accelerate the number of opportunities within your business exponentially. Co-creation grows the economic pie, making the market bigger, letting you lead the way to business prosperity.

During this full-day workshop you will:[/text_block]

  • Learn how to create new business opportunities easily and quickly in any economy using the indivineur method.
  • Make innovation part of the DNA of your business unlocking new opportunities for you.
  • How to find business opportunities with the greatest money-making
  • Reduce your risk and cost of failure.
  • Learn how to create new business opportunities WITHOUT ANY MONEY.
  • How to test money making business ideas with the least risk and investment.

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