Empower Women Through Rapid Entrepreneurship Development
that Cost-Effectively and Sustainably
Creates New Women-Owned Businesses at Scale.

We Empower Women with the Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Made in Africa, for Africa, and Proven in Africa

We make entrepreneurial thinking and action-taking accessible to those who need it most in Africa through a unique and disruptive human-centric approach to entrepreneurship.

Great News – We Are Finalists

2022 Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Awards

The awards recognise excellence in Africa’s startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem and celebrate unsung heroes in ecosystem building who are individuals, communities, institutions, and organisations that have demonstrated innovation, excellence, outstanding achievement, and impact in advancing African entrepreneurship.

👉 Finalist Incubator of the Year – The Human Entrepreneur

👉 Finalist Startup Mentor of the Year – Willem Gous – Founder of The Human Entrepreneur

What Women Achieve On This Programme

Woman Entrepreneur | 4 Weeks Ago Only Had a Business Idea, Now 4 Times Her Monthly Salary

Mpho, a woman entrepreneur, is one of the latest beneficiaries to go through the Rapid Job Creation. In 4 weeks, she went from idea to financially sustainable. Her business gives her a job, a better future and the ability to look after herself, her loved ones and her family.

Women Entrepreneur | Had a Struggling Business Now Makes Consistent Profits and Growing

The programme even works with existing businesses. When Florentinah came into the programme, her business was struggling, barely getting by. Now she makes healthy profits weekly and employs 3 other women. All in just 4 weeks. She was part of our women entrepreneurship development initiative.

Our Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Rapid Job Creation Programme

The Rapid Job Creation Programme is our flagship entrepreneurship development programme and is an Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship – Made in Africa, for Africa, and proven in Africa. We designed a disruptive and human-centric approach to develop entrepreneurs around the needs of necessity-driven entities, enabling people to become micro-business owners without external funding in 5 weeks and financially sustain themselves. We know how to develop entrepreneurs, fast!

About Us

To make entrepreneurship accessible, relatable and applicable to everyone.

Living the Entrepreneurial Way: When we develop the capacity to create value, anything becomes possible.

Our short term goal is create 10,000 jobs by creating 10,000 businesses.