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Module 1 Module 1 | Life Design - 2:25 Total Time
Unit 1 Introduction to program
Unit 2 More about your instructor
Unit 3 What is life design?
Unit 4 Does this mean you can achieve anything?
Unit 5 The reality of entrepreneurship and careers and how to make it work for you
Unit 6 The Taxi that will get you there
Unit 7 The relationship between you and your business or career
Unit 8 The most difficult question in the world
Unit 9 Everything in life costs money
Unit 10 How much does it cost to own a Range Rover Sport?
Unit 11 How much does it cost to own a house?
Unit 12 How much does it cost to travel?
Unit 13 Picking a destination
Unit 14 Be, Do and Have
Unit 15 The 6 areas of life - What are they?
Unit 16 Mental development: 6 Areas of Life
Unit 17 Career: 6 Areas of Life
Unit 18 Finances: 6 Areas of Life
Unit 19 Family: 6 Areas of Life
Unit 20 Physical: 6 Areas of Life
Unit 21 Social: 6 Areas of Life
Unit 22 Start with the end in mind
Unit 23 Reverse dots to plan your success
Unit 24 Kevin Hart: How does the highest paid comedian in the world achieve his goals
Unit 25 The hard choices of achieving your goals
Unit 26 Money flows to where it is needed.
Unit 27 Wrap up and Reflection
Unit 28 Module 1: Quick Feedback
Module 2 Module 2 | Opportunity Acceleration - 2:30 Total Time
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 The old way of doing business
Unit 3 The new way of doing business
Unit 4 What is co-creation
Unit 5 Examples of companies using co-creation
Unit 6 The four questions that will change your life
Unit 7 Who am I?
Unit 8 What do I have?
Unit 9 What do I know?
Unit 10 Who do I know?
Unit 11 How co-creation can grow the economic pie for all
Unit 12 How to co-create
Unit 13 How businesses make money
Unit 14 The top 5 reasons why businesses fail and how to avoid them
Unit 15 Reason 1: Making something nobody wants
Unit 16 Reason 2: Marketing instead of selling
Unit 17 Reason 3: Not knowing the customer
Unit 18 Reason 4: Bad financial management
Unit 19 Reason 5: No structure to their actions
Unit 20 Who is your customer?
Unit 21 Understanding customer and community needs to uncover new opportunities
Unit 22 Jobs to be done theory
Unit 23 Using trigger events to build a business quickly
Unit 24 Discovering new opportunities by engaging people
Unit 25 Opportunities - What questions not to ask
Unit 26 Opportunities - What questions to ask
Unit 27 The 1 question that will tell you if there is money to be made
Unit 28 How to know if you actually have something worth building a business around
Unit 29 TAM or Total Available Market
Unit 30 SAM or Serviceable Available Market
Unit 31 SOM or Serviceable Obtainable Market
Unit 32 Bringing TAM, SAM and SOM together
Unit 33 Testing your brilliant business idea to see if the market wants it
Unit 34 Do not do this
Unit 35 Your first 10 customers
Unit 36 Dealing with failure
Unit 37 Reflection and closing
Unit 38 Module 2: Quick feedback
Module 3 Module 3: Business Modelling - 1:46 Total Time
Unit 1 What is a business model?
Unit 2 Providing Value
Unit 3 The same value can be different
Unit 4 The 9 building blocks of a business model
Unit 5 Block 1: Value proposition
Unit 6 Block 2: Customer segments
Unit 7 Block 2: Customer segments B2B
Unit 8 Block 3: Channels
Unit 9 Block 4: Customer relationship
Unit 10 Block 5: Key activities
Unit 11 Block 6: Key resources
Unit 12 Block 7: Key Partners
Unit 13 Block 8: Cost structure
Unit 14 Block 9: Revenue streams
Unit 15 Sales Cycles - How long does it take to get your money?
Unit 16 Business models you need to know about
Unit 17 Mapping your business model
Unit 18 Testing your business model
Unit 19 Extra resources
Unit 20 Reflection and closing
Unit 21 Module 3: Quick Feedback
Module 4 Module 4 | A time to decide - 10 Minutes Total Time
Unit 1 What are you going to do? Career of entrepreneurship?
Unit 2 Course Feedback
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