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Helping You Overcome Your Biggest Challenges That Keep You From Starting Today

If you’ve ever questioned your ability to become an entrepreneur due to risk aversion, age, or self-imposed limitations, this book is your ultimate game-changer. Prepare to shatter those doubts as it equips you with the mindset and strategies needed to stride towards success confidently. Even if you’re already an established entrepreneur, this book will provide invaluable insights to enhance your mindset, boost your mental fitness, and catapult the growth of your business to new heights.

Within your grasp lies the potential to start or expand a side hustle that leverages your skills and generates substantial income. And no, we’re not talking about just another online course.

However, we’ve noticed that many aspiring side hustlers stumble due to a lack of the right mindset and essential business and entrepreneurial thinking. It’s time to break free from setbacks, wasted time, and financial losses.

The Side Hustle Success Book

– A Step-by-Step Manual to Get You Started Fast

With a focus on Africa and developing economies and its unique challenges and opportunities, this book is the culmination of my extensive work with township entrepreneurs in South Africa. It unveils a proven five-step process for achieving Side Hustle Success within a mere five weeks, even without access to funding.

Following these steps minimise risks, save valuable time and money, and cultivate the mindset and mental fitness required for a resounding success.

Here’s a glimpse into the transformative journey that awaits you:

  1. Why are you starting a side hustle? – Discover the driving force behind your side hustle.
  2. How to start quickly – Kickstart your venture with confidence and velocity.
  3. Find Customer with Money: Unlock effective methods for finding customers with real buying power.
  4. Overcome Fear and Demotivation: Overcome obstacles, remain motivated, and handle rejection with resilience.
  5. Establish Your Rhythm of Success: Find your groove and create a winning formula for sustained success.

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure with this book, gaining the mental clarity necessary to launch your side hustle confidently. Together, we’ll instil empowering habits, perspectives, and actions to create an unwavering rhythm of success, yielding tangible and transformative results.

“Willem Gous is a seasoned entrepreneur and business expert. Side Hustle Success is an easy read and a valuable resource for aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike, offering a wealth of practical advice, motivational stories, and strategic insights.

Willem Gous’ writing style is engaging and relatable, to readers from all backgrounds. He shares his personal experiences creating a compelling narrative that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

Overall, Side Hustle Success is an exciting and inspiring read that will leave you motivated, informed, and ready to embark on your entrepreneurial journey.” (May 2023)

Helen Will

New Business Owner

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About the Author

Finalist 2022 | Startup Mentor of the Year

Finalist 2022 | Incubator of the Year – The Human Entrepreneur – 2022 Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Awards

Thinkers 360 – Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Lean Startup 2022 & 2023

An entrepreneur for more than 23 years, Willem is the founder of The Human Entrepreneur, an initiative to empower individuals, including the unemployed, to start their own businesses within a five-week timeframe, even without access to funding.

In addition to his startup coach and mentor role for The Rapid Entrepreneurship Development Programme, Willem is a sought-after professional speaker, captivating audiences with his insights on leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He is also a certified firewalking instructor and a dedicated father.

Willem holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Liverpool, U.K. A regular conference speaker and facilitator, he also serves on the advisory board of the professional interest network of the University of Liverpool Management School.

To learn more about Willem and his initiatives, visit the official website of The Human Entrepreneur at

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