Successfully Shift from Career to Entrepreneur without Risking Everything

Start your business with less risk and worry and more success.

1 Day Business Growth Workshop

Grow your business, chase your dreams

Attend the Entrepreneurial Awakening Course and make sure you build the right business to deliver the money you need, even during 2023.

👉 Career 2 Entrepreneur – If you are planning of shifting form career to entrepreneur then this workshop is the perfect starting block. Make sure you build the right business, right from the start. Reduce risk and cost.

👉 Existing Business Owner – Many existing business owners hit a slump and struggle to grow the business again. This workshop will help you grow your business again while delivering on what you want from it.

Are You Worried About The Following?

Risking Your Financial Nest Egg

What if the business fails and you lose your financial nest egg? We help you reduce business risk and the cost of starting it so that you do not have to risk it all. Stay safe while shifting from career to entrepreneur.

Low or Now Experience

You’ve been in a career your whole life and have NO entrepreneurship experience. All is not lost, we will help you use the experience you have while giving you the right steps and guidance to start your business like a seasoned entrepreneur.

Putting Family Stability at Risk

You are afraid of upsetting your familie’s stability. We help you make the shift to entrepreneur with the least disruption possible while making sure you build a business that serves their needs and yours going forward resulting in a happier life for all.

Not Knowing What Works

What business should you avoid and way should start? Starting the wrong business can spell disaster. You lose money, time and motivation. We help you identify the right business that works for you.

You Do Not Know What Steps To Follow

There are thousands of ways to start a business, but which is right? You are lookig for a proven process that works, is quick, low risk and cheap. We can give you that.

Doing it Alone

You decide to do this on your own, without guidance. Many new entrepreneurs try this route but it does not last long. They make mistakes because they do not have guidance and they feel alone. We will help you avoid costly mistakes and be by your side.

We Can Help You

What We Offer

Free Q&A Sessions

Are you looking for answers? Do you need help to get more clarity about going forward? Do want to know how to reduce your risk? Then attend the Q&A and speak directly to a coach.

Free Webinars

We cover specific topics to help you get clarity, while reducing risk and worry.

Free Video Library

Our detailed and growing video library covers important things to think about in short 3 to 5 minute videos.

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We offer the same programme we do with unemployed people so that you can build a business, get customers and start your business with the least risk in the shortest possible time.

Our training is a paid for service, we use the money to help fund the non-profit and help create jobs in disadvantaged communities and areas. Supporting us is supporting the less fortunate.

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We Are Perfectly Qualified To Help You

We are a non-profit that help less fortunate people in Africa start a business to financially sustain themselves.

If we can help unemployed people with little resources build a profitable business without fudning in 5 weeks, imagine what you will be able to accomplish with your resources, experience and networks.

Why Our Training Programme Works

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Action-Taking That’s Accessible to All

A unique and disruptive human-centric approach to entrepreneurship, innovation and value creation born from apprenticeship philosophy.

Campos et al. (2017) experimented with 1,500 microenterprise owners in Togo, testing the impact of personal initiative (mindset) training compared. Personal initiative (mindset) training improves business profits by 30% over the next two and a half years, significantly higher than the 11% increase from traditional training.

Campos F, M Frese, M Goldstein, L Iacovone, HC Johnson, D McKenzie and M Mensmann (2017), “Teaching personal initiative beats traditional training in boosting small business in West Africa”, Science, 357(6357): 1287-1290.

Skills Improvement

Measured Before and After Training

We have a robust measurement and evaluation process in place, and these statistics are drawn from our past work.

Sales and marketing


Overall improvement during course


Customer research


Overall improvement during course

Product research


Overall improvement during course

Getting new customers


Overall improvement during course

How to track business numbers


Overall improvement during course

Managing money and saving


Overall improvement during course

Check out the video library

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions please contact us

If you are a non-profit, why do you charge for the training?

We use income from the training and do our development work in Africa. When we help you shift from career to entrepreneur you help us uplift a family and make it possible for them to feed their family and create a better life for themselves.

Do you only do training in Africa?

We offer the career to entrepreneur training all around the world because we do small groups, mostly online.

Do you only do live online training?

No, we will offer some face to face training in South Africa where we are based. Depending on interest, we might expand into other countries.

What ages of people do you work with?

With our career to entrepreneur work, we focus on white-collar workers between the ages of 35 and 65.

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