Career Pivoting for corporates

Now corporates can assist Retrenched Employees Shift from Career to Entrepreneur without Risking Everything and help them land on thier feet.

The Safer Way to Launch A New Start for them and great way to Create New Businesses for Your Supply Chain

Helping Former Employees Make Their Biggest Career Shift With Ease

Many big companies have to let go of large numbers of staff, and it is essential to keep employed people, specifically white-collar workers, in the economy. Removing them from the economy usually means taking car payments, home loans, and much more out of the economy.

Help them land on their feet by starting a business, starting a new chapter in a more secure and dignified way.


Who is this for?

Although this programme is targeted towards corporates doing retrenchments in numbers, it is open for anyone who is making the shift from being employed to becoming an entrepreneur.


Help them land on their feet! It is challenging to let great employees go but sometimes, it is inevitable. Making this programme part of your retrenchment package will help you on two levels:

  • Help them make the transition easier by adding value to the process.
  • Key employees could build businesses that can become suppliers to your business, retaining knowledge and experience with less risk and cost.


If you are planning on exiting the workforce and starting your business we know how scary and risky it can be, especially late in life. Our process will help you build your new business quicker than ever without risking everything. 

  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced time
  • More certainty

How we solve the challenges of developing entrepreneurs

We address the main challenges with Rapid Entrepreneurship Development, making our programme fast, focused and finite.

Get people out of poverty faster, give them agency. We help people build businesses in 5 weeks that make enough money to financially sustain themselves. Now people can care for themselves and their families, giving them the room to breathe and build the business further.

Time is money. Apart from only being 5 weeks long, the businesses we create require little or no funding at all. It also requires fewer resources over a long period of time. All of these factors reduce overall programme costs.

We can develop 100’s and even 1,000’s of new entrepreneurs and businesses per month making it possible to meaningfully address the unemployment and economic develop challenges that Africa face.

Shifting Mindsets

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Action-Taking That’s Accessible to All

A unique and disruptive human-centric approach to entrepreneurship, innovation and value creation born from apprenticeship philosophy.

Campos et al. (2017) experimented with 1,500 microenterprise owners in Togo, testing the impact of personal initiative (mindset) training compared. Personal initiative (mindset) training improves business profits by 30% over the next two and a half years, significantly higher than the 11% increase from traditional training.

Campos F, M Frese, M Goldstein, L Iacovone, HC Johnson, D McKenzie and M Mensmann (2017), “Teaching personal initiative beats traditional training in boosting small business in West Africa”, Science, 357(6357): 1287-1290.

What We Do

Made in Africa for Africa and Proven in Africa

We help ordinary unemployed people build a business without external funding that can generate a profit in 5 weeks — creating opportunities for people to create opportunities for others.

We reduced the time of job creation through entrepreneurship to 5 weeks and the cost to less than $2,000. We can also do this at scale, creating hundreds and even thousands of new businesses every month.

See how

The Programme Flows

You have to crawl before you can walk before you can run.

We focus on micro-enterprises instead of SME development for a few good reasons. It takes a long time for a business to grow to a scale where it can employ 10 or more people.

Micro-businesses according to the South African government employes less than 10 people and has an annual turnover of less than R5mil ($300k).

We develop new micro-businesses in 5 weeks or less instead of a typical 12-month programme.

Because we create businesses so quickly we uplift people out of poverty in weeks while families actively participate in the local economy.

We see owning a business giving people agency over their future and income thus positively impacting social ills such as GBV etc.

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