About Us

"We aim to keep entrepreneurs in the game."

Mission & Vision


To grow, develop and accelerate human potential by using business as a platform for development and self-exploration.


To create an environment where we foster, accelerate, and celebrate entrepreneurial potential manifesting itself in great businesses that benefit entrepreneurs, help customers, uplift communities and grow the economies.

Why We Do This

Entrepreneurship promises to uplift communities through job creation, to grow economies through increased economic participation. It promises individuals a vehicle they can use to build a better life for them and their loved ones.

Entrepreneurship is not delivering on its promises because most businesses fail, many taking the entrepreneur down with them.

Bet on the horse, not just the race. Focus on the one thing that makes business possible, the entrepreneur. We aim to keep entrepreneurs in the game, for longer.

You will have many businesses in your career as an entrepreneur. It is just business. But let's do it in a way that keeps you in the game so that you can grow and develop your entrepreneurial potential.

Let's make entrepreneurship a viable career option. Let’s make entrepreneurship deliver on ALL its big promises. Let's build successful entrepreneurs, and great businesses will follow.

More About Willem Gous

I am an international speaker, trainer, consultant, author, and entrepreneur since 1999. I am a dedicated father, family man, personal development junkie and avid reader. I believe entrepreneurship has tremendous potential for individual expansion and expression, but I fear it can become a falsehood to people. I came to realise that from a very young age and the reason why I do this work.

Growing up, I saw my father work himself almost to death. When he lost his businesses, he lost everything. He passed away in August 2018 with very little to show for his sacrifices, simply because of lack of personal understanding and insight. How many unsung antiheroes like him are there?

My motivation is to halt what I see as abuse of entrepreneurial potential at the altar of business success and change the way we build businesses by starting with the entrepreneur first, designing businesses that uplift and equip the entrepreneur while building and fostering their entrepreneurial potential to the benefit of themselves and their customers.

Let’s build successful entrepreneurs and great businesses will follow.

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Books by Willem Gous

Get Unstuck Now

A 20-minute Guide with Proven Tactics To Overcome Procrastination, Achieve Your Goals and Get The Results You Really Want and Need Right Now.

Do you have important tasks that need completing NOW but you are not doing it? You cannot focus, you struggle to take action, and you feel how the stress is mounting. If this continues, it will not end well. You know it.

I was there, but I got out and so can you. It was the quickest way I got out of a rut, and now you can use it too. My aim with the book is not too “talk” about how to get unstuck but rather what you can “do” to get unstuck quickly, right now, in record time and get the results you need now.

To remain stuck is not an option in this fast-paced world. Life goes on and the longer you stay stuck, the farther you fall behind and the more difficult it gets to catch up again. Don’t fall behind anymore. Here are the tools to get unstuck now, move forward, catch up and shoot past your goals.

A simple and straightforward 20-minute guide filled with tactics and steps you can use To Overcome Procrastination, Achieve Your Goals and Get the Results You Really Want and Need Right Now.

Written for very busy people. No wasting time on fluff, only real steps you can take to get real results.


Get Your Copy Now(On Amazon Kindle)

Indivineur Opportunity Accelerator

Start a Low-Risk Business Today, Using What You Have Now!

Most businesses fail at innovation; you cannot innovate a business. A business is made up of people. Innovate the people, and you make innovation part of the DNA of your business. Now you can use indivineur.

Willem received his Master's Degree in Informations Systems Management from the University of Liverpool U.K. and did his dissertation on “The application of various innovation methodologies within existing businesses”.

He spent more than 800 hours researching innovation methodologies, travelling to the UK and Finland to meet some of the greatest minds in innovation. Out of that, he created his indivineur method of innovation, a combination of personal development, business development and co-creation.

A people-focused innovation method applicable to corporates, startups and small businesses in any industry.


Get Your Copy Now(On Amazon Kindle)

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