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Entrepreneurship focuses on the game and not the player. Games, like businesses, come and go. The Human Entrepreneur focuses on the player. We aim to keep entrepreneurs in the game.

The Founder | Willem Gous

I am an international speaker, trainer, consultant, author, and entrepreneur since 1999. I am a dedicated father, family man, personal development junkie and avid reader. I believe entrepreneurship has tremendous potential for individual expansion and expression, but I fear it can become a falsehood to people. I came to realise that from a very young age and the reason why I do this work.

Growing up, I saw my father work himself almost to death. When he lost his businesses, he lost everything. He passed away in August 2018 with very little to show for his sacrifices, simply because of lack of personal understanding and insight. How many unsung antiheroes like him are there?

My motivation is to halt what I see as abuse of entrepreneurial potential at the altar of business success and change the way we build businesses by starting with the entrepreneur first, designing businesses that uplift and equip the entrepreneur while building and fostering their entrepreneurial potential to the benefit of themselves and their customers.

Let’s build successful entrepreneurs and great businesses will follow.

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Feedback from actual entrepreneurs who have done the training.

It made me rethink the manner in which I plan my business. The primary driver for working on the business is then not just the sustainability of the business but the sustainability of the entrepreneur.

Zviko Mudimu
Founder and Executive Director
Africa Financial Inclusion Network

I often attend many courses with not enough value and often find it a waste of time and money but the life design for business owners really gives some new insight and understanding of what we as business owners really need to shift and aim for to change our lives.

Kevin Britz
Voice by Design

If you are not getting out of your business what you deserve, then sign up for Willem’s workshops and coaching immediately – you won’t regret it!

Christa Fourie
Keesta HR Solutions

This is one of the best workshops I have attended in a long time, and I would like to thank you for the time and effort you invested into my business and my life style, and highly recommend this is attended by people who want to be successful in life and business.

Lee Wade
Business Owner